The Hellenic Society of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics (HSTAM) was founded in Athens, in 1978. It is an affiliate of the International Union of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics (IUTAM). The main objective of the Society is the promotion of the science of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, which includes all the specific fields according to its international definition as well as the related research fields and the relevant to the above fields Applied Mathematics.

In order to fulfil this objective, the society:

  • Organizes lectures, symposiums as well as national and international congresses on the subject of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
  • Coordinates the scientific research in Greece on the field of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and promotes the contact among those who work in this scientific field.
  • Determines the research directions in this scientific field in agreement to the progress of the science as well as the technological and financial demands of Greece.
  • Participates in the international research activities in the field in cooperation with the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and other relevant scientific organizations from other countries.

Specifically, the society may:

  • Assign merit awards to those who contribute to the promotion of this scientific field and its relevant fields as well as to Greek University graduates for excellent research carried out by them.
  • Award fellowships for postgraduate studies and support generally the scientific research in this field.
  • Publish an annual review which will include the scientific activities carried out within the society, the research activity of its members as well as the most significant proceedings of the Executive Board.
  • Publish a scientific journal of international circulation where innovative and high quality research of Greek and foreign scientists will be published, relevant to the science of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
  • Publish conference proceedings and other scientific material related to its activities.

Any other activity not relevant to the above strictly scientific objective is forbidden.